Our Industries

Industrial Laundry

ICSS is prides themselves on installing an entire system in a laundry plant. We do everything from the garments entering the dirty side, washing, drying, sortation, mending, overhead storage, and out the door on a route truck.


ICSS has several years of experience in setting up various systems with in the facility. ICSS has conveyor crews, steel erector crews, welders, and electricians. ICSS works directly with manufactures as well as end-users.


ICSS is qualified to install all of your equipment to move products through your facility quickly and efficiently. ICSS is capable of installing most automated conveyor system, steel structures, and racking systems.

Waste Water

ICSS has the ability to install your waste water system in an industrial laundry facility. Our services include setting tanks, piping, airline, electrical, and water lines. We can provide you with a turn installation for your facility.

Material Handling

ICSS can install any of your material handling needs. Some examples are supporting roof structures, mezzanines, racking, shelving, steel structures, and conveyors. We also can install compressors, pneumatic airlines, lights, and lifts.