Our Services


Structural steel mezzanines are one of the best solutions for fully utilize overhead space. ICSS can install several different types of mezzanine such as roof supported, free standing structure, or catwalks.


ICSS installs numerous types of conveyors such as belt, gravity, roller, pin, bulk, and garment conveyor. We can set up new conveyors or refigure your existing system. Send us the prints of your system that you would like completed here.

Waste Water Treatment

Waste water is a byproduct of washing garments in a laundry facility. One of the most economically ways of treating and filtering wastewater is done in-house. ICSS can install your system from the wash isle to the sewer system.

Wire Partitions

Wire partitions are used in manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world. They serve many needs from security and safety to the organization of products. Examples of wire partitions are tool cribs, storage lockers, backs for pallet racking, and protective handrail. ICSS can design and install any shape or size to fit your needs!


We offer a wide variety of racking to install for your business. The most commonly used in the field is pallet racking. This has excellent stockroom control and adaptability to any space or size which allows for easily designed systems that work for you.

Modular Buildings

Our Modular Buildings and Warehouse Offices are a great way to utilize existing space. ICSS can construct any size or design necessary to fit your needs. These buildings can be constructed and wired on a mezzanine over multiple stories.